Silicone Sex Dolls is A Waste of Money.

How to choose a sex doll?

Many people encounter the problem of choosing materials when buying sex dolls. The current sex dolls are mainly made of silicone and TPE, but what are the differences between the two and which material is most suitable for buyers are issues we need to discuss. We hope our article can help you choose a sex doll.

Touch Feeling of sex dolls

Silicone is harder than TPE and feels like soft plastic, not like real skin. TPE feels more like real skin, softer and more elastic.

A realistic level

Silicone can achieve more realistic skin details, even details such as pores and skin texture, which are more real-life. TPE is slightly weaker in restoring skin details, but through some processes, it can also achieve a very realistic feel, including skin texture, blood vessels, skin color, etc. Therefore, silicone can achieve the ultimate visual realism, and TPE can also achieve better realism.


The silicone sex doll is difficult to repair, which will lead to many unacceptable defects in the sex doll and reduce the buyer’s willingness to use it in the long term. TPE has good plasticity. You can melt and re-plasticize the TPE by heating it with a soldering iron. This allows customers to repair the damaged sex dolls easily.

Cost of sex dolls

Silicone materials are much more expensive than TPE. For sex dolls, touch is the most important. At the same time, the lowest possible cost is more friendly to buyers, because most people don’t want to hold a sex doll with a strong plastic feel. Therefore, TPE sex dolls are more suitable for most sex doll buyers.


A combination solution: A silicone head with a TPE body is a good solution for customers. Buyers can customize the silicone head with different hair colors and eye colors according to the customer’s will. The TPE body can satisfy the requirements of touch feeling at a low cost.

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