how to use a sex doll

How To Use A Sex Doll-User’s Guide 2024

Good Choice

Have you just purchased a pretty sex doll? That is a good choice to buy a sex doll. Before you have a wonderful time with your doll, let me tell you some tips about how to use a sex doll.

According to research reports, more and more people are choosing to buy sex dolls. If you haven’t bought one yet, you can act now and choose a sex doll that suits you.


  • Once you receive the sex doll, please note that do not let the box stand up to avoid damage to the sex doll. You may need a trolley to move the box.
sex doll package
  • Move the sex doll box close to your bed carefully, the sex doll usually weighs more than 80 pounds. Don’t let the heavy box hurt you.
  • Open the box, take out the head of the sex doll from the box, and remove the packaging from the doll.

Install the doll’s head

  • Holding the doll’s waist with one hand and her neck with the other, take the doll out of the box and put her on the bed.
  • Hold down the doll’s legs with one hand, and push up from her back with the other hand so that she can sit up. This may take some force, but don’t worry about damaging her if you use too much force as her skeleton is made of stainless steel. During this process, you can adjust the various joints of the doll, such as arms, wrists, etc., until she can sit up smoothly.
  • Remove the procting shield on the doll’s head, and arrange the doll’s hair. then screw the plug into the doll’s neck, then put the head on the neck, and rotate to the right position.
how to use a sex doll

Dress Up Your Doll

  • Applying talcum powder on the doll’s body will make her body smell better and make the touch feel closer to reality. It is also a better way to protect the doll’s skin.
how to use a sex doll
  • You can dress the doll in clothes you like and comb her hair how you want it.

Preparation Of The First Time Fun With Your Doll

After dressing up your doll, I’m sure she’s looking so pretty now. I know you can not wait to have the first time sex with her. You may ask how to use a sex doll again. Don’t worry, I will tell you what you need to prepare so that your first time with her will be perfect.


Condoms: You may not like to wear a condom. Yes, it’s just a suggestion. Wearing a condom will let you clean the doll easily after you had sex with the doll. On the other hand, if you don’t mind to clean your doll carefully. Forget about the condom, just enjoy it.

Lubricating oil: It’s very important for you to use the lubricating oil while having sex with the doll. Otherwise, this may cause your first lovemaking with her to fail. Using lubricating oil can give you great pleasure. If you buy our dolls, we will also give you some lubricating oil.

Sex positions

  • Move the doll’s joints and adjust the doll to your favorite position in advance.
  • Many people are not familiar with adjusting the doll’s position for the first time, so adjusting the position after you take off your clothes may make you lose interest. Therefore, we recommend that you adjust the doll’s position first.


In order to get a better sex experience, we will give away a heating rod. The heating rod is very simple to use. Apply lubricating oil to the heating plate, insert it into the vagina or anal of the doll, and then insert the USB plug of the heating plate into the charger. It takes about 10 -20 minutes, the doll’s lower body will warm up.

how to use sex doll

Enjoy It With Your Pretty Doll

I know you can not wait to have fun with your pretty. Now you can enjoy the happy time with her.

Clean The Doll

After having a good time with your doll. Be a gentleman, cleaning your pretty doll carefully, you can refer to this post: How to Clean a Sex Doll – Maintenance Guide


After reading this blog, I think you know how to use sex doll now. Maybe your friend will ask you how is sex with a sex doll. You can tell them the details. XTouch will provide the most professional advice when you are shopping in our online store. Contact us if you have more questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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